Gad Meiron

BS, Chemistry, Yale University
​MS, Organic Chemistry, UCLA

​MBA, The University of Chicago

I provide an exceptional educational experience for my students by combining excellent academic credentials, a love of teaching, and years in industry as a Strategic Planner and Creative Director.

I adjust the way I teach my students to the styles in which they learn best, so they can quickly boost their problem-solving and test-taking skills. 

I've tutored students at different skill levels in high school and college. Several students had ADHD and one had an Autism Spectrum Disorder. Parents have told me that they have seen their kids open up in new ways when studying with me. 
Please contact me if you're interested in tutoring for your student. I live in Dallas, TX, but work with students in other cities via phone and Internet. The first consultation is free.

I teach these subjects.


Regular, Pre-AP, AP, and College


Math, Verbal and
Chemistry Subject Test

College Admission Essays

I build these four critical skills.

Our world is changing at an exponential rate in the sciences, industry and even society. Today's students will require crucial skills to navigate the new landscape. I help my students develop four of the most important skills as part of my tutoring approach.
Analyzing data, separating fact from fiction and making reasoned judgments: that's critical thinking. All students need it. Not all are taught it. I make it integral to my teaching approach.

Critical Thinking

Creativity is key to success, opening windows of opportunity. It can be taught. I rely on my experience as a Creative Director to help my students develop their creative skills. 

Creative Problem Solving

A recent test showed that our students lag behind their peers around the world in literacy. For those who want to compete in the global economy, written communication is a make-or-break skill.

Written Communication Skills

Working together to solve complex problems is now the norm in industry and in schools. My approach has always been collaborative. It's an excellent way to build student confidence.

Collaborative Skills

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